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Routine Yearly Eye Exam


Routine vision care is the examination of the eyes, with or without dilation, to determine the health of the eyes and related structures, visual acuity, and determination of the patient’s refractive state, prescribing corrective lenses if necessary. In simple terms, eye care professionals, Optometrists or Ophthalmologists, who have specialized diagnostic equipment, check vision, screen for disease, and update prescriptions for eyewear.


Routine vision care coverage includes a comprehensive eye exam. Depending on plan design, it may also provide coverage for hardware (frames, lenses and contact lenses). In some cases, a routine vision exam can transition to a medical eye exam if during the course of the examination the eye care professional discovers a condition that requires additional testing or a special diagnostic procedure.  Routine exams are exams deisgned to determine whether or not glasses or contacts are necessary and to check the overall health of your vision and eyes.


We work with several Vision Plans and many insurance companies to ensure the best value for your vision needs.  For a list of Vision Plans, click on menu at the left.   If you have a question about insurance plans, please call our office.  We are happy to help!

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