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Patient Information

Thank you! For choosing The Heyde Eye Center.

For your convenience we’ve made a few of our forms available to you online.  If you are a new patient, please print and complete thePatient Demographics Form & Patient History Form and  bring it with you to your appointment. 


Note that dilating drops may be used at your exam. These drops allow the doctor to see inside your eye, which is the only way to thoroughly evaluate your eye health. Dilating drops affect people differently, and on some occasions may temporarily blur vision and increase sensitivity to bright lights.  We cannot predict the affect on your vision. If you are unsure of how this may affect you, you may want to bring someone with you to your exam.  We do provide disposable sunglasses to help with light sensitivity following dialtion.


If you are a patient requesting your medical records from The Heyde Eye Center, please fill out the Records Release and fax, mail, or bring it in to the office to receive a copy of your records.  There is a fee for this service in accordance with the Illinois State Medical Society. 

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